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Weston A. Price Foundation Information and Links

Eating gluten free, soy-free is a big challenge.

Dr. Elizabeth K. Murphree DC CCST LAc RMT has a desire to assist her patients in gaining more health out of their lives. She is active in many different educational arenas regarding nutrient dense food preparation, Crafting, WAPF, and Wii fitness.  Gluten-Soy Conscious, Candida Conscious, and Reiki oriented, let’s get your metabolism and flat belly back!

  • Being a Weston A. Price Foundation Chapter Leader is very important to Dr. Murphree.  She sees the ability to acquire clean foods a top priority and volunteers her time year round to helping others locate local farmers via websites for their purchases of whole food products.
  • Dream Protein sold in her clinic is available online at, Meal Replacements & Alkalinizing Detox products for sale online or in our clinic.  Cold processed whey protein with stevia herb sweetener.  Mentioned in her newsletter.

Prayer Requests

Studies show that a patient heals when prayed for whether they are aware of that prayer or not.  With this in mind, Dr. Murphree accepts prayer requests from her patients directly at

Australian Mediherb (sister company with Standard Process)

Quality, Whole Food Nutrition begins with Standard Process, Inc.

In 2001, we partnered with Mediherb to provide health care professionals with superior herbal products. Mediherb is an Australian owned company based in a beautiful, cultural area of Queensland. It was born out of a desire for efficacious herbal therapy. This remains the driving force behind every aspect of the company from herbal sourcing, manufacturing and quality control under pharmaceutical standards.

Please contact our Fairfax office for more information on Standard Process & Mediherb.

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