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Fairfax Treatment Fee Policies

Our clinic is an OUT OF NETWORK PROVIDER but we will submit your paid claims for you.  All of our visits are by appointment and some can be same day appointments.  You can call us at 703-279-2101 or text us at 703-966-1807 anytime.  For over 27 years, Dr. Murphree has been on time for her appointments.  She does not like you to wait and even 5 minutes is too long in her experience.  You just let us know if you are running late and we will accommodate.  We also accept flexible spending accounts for your convenience.  We are a NPPN for Medicare Part B.  This means that we will accept payment at time of your visit but will be happy to bill Medicare Part B for your reimbursement, if applicable.  We are here to serve you.

Effective 2024 Fees: (OUT OF NETWORK)

48  hour cancellation fees apply to our patients, however, if you are able to re-schedule within the same week, we do not charge. We try very sincerely to create a positive environment.

  • New Patient Consultation:$105 to $150 depending on time involved, reading MRI reports, reading X-Ray reports, multiple areas of injury
  • First Treatment: Chiropractic or Acupuncture $93
  • Established Patient (not seen in 60 days): new intake short form consult, paperwork, & ID $50.00
  • Returning Patient (Over 90 days): New intake, new paperwork, New Condition, Bring any x-rays, reports, etc. for the Doctor. $105-115
  • Cold Laser Treatment: $30 for an 2 emitter session (minimum), more if additional areas
  • Facial Acupuncture Rejuvenation: – Target Zone – $200.00
  • Full Acupuncture Facial Rejuvenation: – 1 of 12 sessions $250 each
  • Cupping of Area: $93.00 -150.00 Facial or Body Region
  • Medicare Chiropractic: – Limiting Charge per update (changes every year).  We can help you with details
  • Traction of Spine: $30.00 Private Room
  • Ultrasound of Body: $30.00 Private Room
  • Dry Hydromassage: $20 for 20 minutes in a Private Room
  • Massage: – $95 for Swedish massage and  $150 Deep Tissue Massage with Heather LMT.
  • Missed appointment fee:- $93 for each treatment scheduled.

Prices subject to change but are presented here to be of assistance. We are an out of network provider. We will submit all of your claims for you as a courtesy with one good effort. Many of our patients also use their flexible spending accounts. 95% of all treatments in the clinic qualify for FSA, HSA and insurance reimbursement. Call us or email us  so can help you with this decision.


Focusing on our Patients

Fairfax Advanced Activator Methods

Children often experience quick results from chiropractic care

Our clinic focuses on the “quality” of care you will receive from us. Dr. Murphree sees her patients in private rooms with a staggered schedule so that she can spend more time with them. Most treatments are $93 for chiropractic adjustments including extremities and $93 for acupuncture treatments including infertility. These are usually performed with some kind of therapy to better assist the process of your alignment and relaxation. These therapies range from $20 to $30 each. Facial Acupuncture is separate. We are aware that you can see an “in network” doctor and wait longer in the waiting room, be given less attention, and receive less treatment. For over 25 years, we know we are right in this assumption. It is your decision.

We have found that our patients get paid back faster with our policy changes since 09-2009. It is amazing. Dr. Murphree and staff wants to treat you “not” a computerized data point.


Acupuncture which is not allowed to be paid by Medicare Part B, will be still accepting New Patients. The corresponding “denial” from Medicare may be used to bill the secondary insurance carrier. Dr. Murphree is a non-par participating provider, NPPN with Medicare Part B for chiropractic. That is a “NPPN” which means the senior pays the clinic and hopes to be reimbursed by Medicare Part B coverage. As of 2024, we are seeing that Medicare Part B has not changed its stance on low back pain acupuncture and is not covered.

Ask for our Medicare brochure that helps explain the NPPN status to you or you can speak with Heather.  We love our Medicare patients in our clinic.

The most important relationship for Dr. Murphree is with her patients.

*Subject to change/ABN required/ID & Admin. Fee


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