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Cold Laser Therapy


Cold laser therapy offers an array of relief.

Imagine the surprise when researchers learned that certain light frequencies could actually reduce inflammation and enhance the healing process? Fairfax Chiropractic has cold laser! We have invested in 2 emitters. Most clinics purchase only 1 emitter. We love to hear from our patients how they tried everything else first and then tried laser successfully.  Neuropathic pain, sciatic pain, and RLS all benefit from the application of cold low level laser therapy.  In our small clinic, we administer cold laser by appt since it takes preparation.

When patients learn that we use laser therapy in our practice, they have visions of a powerful, steel-cutting beam of light that burn away things.  Our laser is cold.   The “cold” laser we use has only a tiny fraction of the color spectrum. Its value comes from the frequency of the light it emits, not its intensity. It is like the “flash” in a camera. We use the strongest “flash” that is on the market today for laser therapy.

Specific Wavelengths

Instead of the full spectrum of light that comes from the sun, our low level laser produces light in a narrow frequency. Frequencies in the red portion of the rainbow are shown to assist the healing of soft tissues.  Cells of our body have receptors that are sensitive to light. Our lasers penetrate up to 5 inches of tissue and are used by major sports leagues.  We know that you need to heal quickly so we work with adding laser after other treatments to speed up progress.  Our patients book multiple appts for laser patients.


Cold laser therapy.

How Does It Work?

How can certain frequencies of light speed up or slow down biological processes? Many theories have been suggested, but from practical application with real patients, we know it works for:

  • Arthritic Knee Pains, Wrists, and Elbows
  • Inflammation reduction in Sinuses, Ankles, and Shoulders
  • Pain management (No OPIOIDS) of Low Back Sciatica, Hip Pain, and Plantar fasciitis
  • Cell healing regeneration of Bursitis, TMJ/TMD discomfort of face, and Migraines
  • Tendonitis, Sciatica & Post Surgical failures

While scientists debate the mechanism by which low level laser works and publish their work in the scientific literature, our patients are just delighted that it works!  It is a safe alternative for children as well.

We have lots of patients receive acupuncture with schedules Cold laser treatments.  Please make an appointment for both if you like. We are OUT OF NETWORK.  We have seen Federal BCBS pay up to 100% of our laser treatments.  This pleasantly was revealed to us but we do not guarantee payment on our services.

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