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Fairfax Chiropractor and Board qualified to practice Acupuncture since 1999, Dr. Elizabeth Murphree

Chiropractic Changed My Life and can change yours as well!

Fairfax Chiropractor, Dr. Elizabeth Murphree

Dr. Elizabeth Murphree

My Story: Having a diagnosis of carpal tunnel syndrome, chronic bronchitis and thoracic outlet syndrome, I was a major skeptic of chiropractors in the past. I was actually afraid even more of what would happen when my doctor told me that I could not be given any more antibiotics. I thought I had to be broken. Finally, I decided after all the doctors and diagnostics for carpal tunnel syndrome to try chiropractic and acupuncture because the allopathic method of healing wasn’t working even after 16 months. I was tired of not being able to lift a coffee mug or dry my hair without pain and numbness. Chiropractic care changed my life and educated me to look at my symptoms a different way. Lumps of muscle spasms, and bumps in my spine turned out to be barriers to the flow of my lymph nodes and impeded my nerves from working resulting in hand numbness. Acupuncture made me realize how energetic our bodies really are and to incorporate certain foods to help heal my body. I , also, saw so many other women suffering with neck, hand and arm conditions that I realized our workplaces were not set up for people under 5’10”. In 2009, I was diagnosed with Lyme’s Disease from my work with rescue animals. I spent an entire year learning how to survive this diagnosis. I understand chronic pain. I, also, understand the frustration of trying to age with any auto immune malfunction.

This is how my story began…being afraid, feeling broken, and definitely not in charge of the journey of my life in front of me. Now, I help others find their journeys out of pain, out of fear, and create hope where it was lost.


Dr. Elizabeth K. Murphree BS DC CCST PAc RMT

Board of Medicine for Medical Acupuncture 1999

Board of Medicine for Doctor of Chiropractic 1995

Post Graduate Degree in 1996 for Cervical Spinal Specialist Trauma

Reiki Master 1, 2, 3 and Teacher certifications

Certified Advanced rated Activator Chiropractor 37 times

Certified Acupuncture Facial Rejuvenation all courses


I hope I get the opportunity to meet you in person and discuss your specific health challenges. Give our Fairfax office a call for a treatment today. We are out of network but will submit you paid claim to your insurance company for a small fee.

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