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Fairfax Chiropractor Your Second Visit

How are you feeling? I listen!

Fairfax Advanced Activator Methods

Another patient being checked by Advanced Activator Methods

Each visit is about your progress. How did my treatments help you? There are many different things I can utilize to assist the body. Each patient is beautifully different with needs that present when I consult with you bringing my knowledge of acupuncture, Reiki, chiropractic and physical therapy to mind with your intake for that day. I have patients that request a multitude of modalities in one day and others that just want a single treatment. Nutritional consulting in my clinic brings many facets of your health care into alignment so you may want to start with that as your beginning.

Fairfax Advanced Activator Methods

Patient Eric receiving treatment.


Helping Patients find the Right Treatment Course

Patients want to know why they did not know about these things that can be done to their bodies to feel better. It is amazing after a patient uses a Hydromassage bed, gets an acupuncture treatment or has a chiropractic adjustment how much more confident they feel in their ability to choose what can make them well. They can bundle and get different services on the same day or stay a course of therapy as long as they are seeing results.

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