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Fairfax Your First Visit with Out of Network Chiropractor

Dr. Murphree sees patients of all ages for the past 26 years. Saturdays always available.

First Visit to Fairfax Chiropractor

Dr. Elizabeth consults with patients explaining everything in advance.

Call us and let us know if you are in need of our services.  We want to welcome you to our practice, Fairfax Chiropractic. We also want you to know what to expect on your first visit with Dr. Murphree.

If you are in pain, please say so we can tell you if you need to go to the ER.  If still okay to come here, have someone drive you and fill our paperwork asap.  Tell Heather and we will make sure you are not having to sit for any length of time or stand if that is the issue.  So many websites just list all the duties of becoming a patient on the site.  Dr. Murphree and Heather have empathy.  Pain is where we excel at our experience working with patients.  

After intake, Dr. Murphree will exam your spine with you on a table that lowers to her waist for your ease of the exam.  She will look at you and check your muscle tone, mobility, range of motion, and pain levels.  She will note on your paperwork all her areas of concern.  Then, treatment can begin.

On your first appointment, she will listen to you describe your pain and ask questions. Online paperwork is available to be completed before your appointment so you can spend more time with the doctor.  Her clinic is a small, boutique practice where her patients have been coming to her for years.  Please bring paper records and reports for her to review with you if you like.

Activator Methods chiropractic is the #2 technique in the United States. Our practice utilizes an Activator instrument for your adjustments. We have patients from Africa, England, West Virginia, Maryland, and other US states. We offer a travelers a solution for treatment with Activator methods.  Patients who are from out of town can have their own file or a transient file on record with us.  Dr. Murphree has been certified 37 times with Activator Methods Chiropractic technique.

Some patients do want to know if acupuncture, nutritional counseling or physical therapy modalities like cold laser, ultrasound, or low volt galvanic are possible treatments for their condition?  We believe that listening to you will tell us the best way to proceed with your healthcare. Dr. Murphree is a very, good listener.

Athletic patients may want to know what is the best treatment for preventing injuries during exercising. Patients should bring a list of their supplements, medications, and have a recall of their recent health history. Patients are asked to bring in as much paper data, x-rays, and MRI’ reports on paper that they want to review based on the region of their body in pain.  All reports dated in the last 6 months of the visit are appropriate.  Please do not attempt to bring electronic CD’s or emailing data as we protect your privacy.

We offer a Medicare brochure for Medicare patients to understand our policies as a NPPN.  Please refer to Heather for her guidance and knowledge if you have any Medicare questions.

What to Expect

Plan to spend an hour on your first visit. For this reason, there are only certain times that we will take new patients on a given day. This allows for traffic, paperwork , and ease of treatment, etc. Paperwork is a necessary function and should be filled out prior to the first visit to save time and lower stress on you. If you pull down the paperwork or get us to fax it to you, then your first visit can be shortened by half an hour.  We are out of network but will submit your claims after you have paid for your services. You can also use your Flexible Spending Account credit cards at the clinic.  With the safety of all our patients, we request that you fill out paperwork ahead of your appt.  If you need assistance, contact Heather.

First Knee Adjustment

Dr. Elizabeth is checking the knees of the patient with the Activator Methods protocol.

Your Consultation

The purpose of your consultation with the doctor is to discuss your health goals and see if alternative medicine is likely to help you. If chiropractic, acupuncture, or cold laser looks promising, a thorough examination will help identify the cause of your problem. We will review your history with you.  Dr. Murphree will ask questions and begin her diagnosing. She will even go over your MRI results reports with you (for a fee) with an anatomical model to show you what the report is demonstrating, if you need that kind of time. Patients have reported that no one has taken the kind of detailed time and intake as Dr. Murphree, nor have they ever understood the conditions that they may have. It is truly a gift to educate her patients so thoroughly.

You are her focus.  A small boutique, paper-driven, clinic has worked for many years.  We will even help you to your car if you need.  No 35 patients a day goals, no practice coaching, and no franchised athletic clinics pushing for volume sales.  We seek to have you be our patient for as long as you want us.  We have proven that by being open at different hours than most of our colleagues.  Our records cannot be hacked so alot of government clearanced folks prefer to be seen where no record is hackable.  So for consultations, please bring paper reports to your appointment.  See our full list of fees here.

Insurance Information OUT OF NETWORK PROVIDER

INSURANCE INFORMATION is used to send your paid claim to one insurance company of your choice. Most of our treatments qualify for FSA accounts.  We treat many generations of families here in the clinic.  It is not unusual to see grandparents with grandchildren in the clinic.  We are so small that we greet you rather than have you sign in at the front desk.

We submit paper claims so there is no chance of identity theft or hacking as we are a paper clinic with lots of shredders.

Your Health is Our #1 Priority!

Patients appreciate our small and friendly clinic.   Do not be surprised if you have your symptoms change after treatments.  It is very normal as the body is healing.  Our one on one time with you is needed with each visit and our top priority. This way we can determine if you need acupuncture, chiropractic, cold laser, cupping, physical therapy or nutritional nseling on that visit.

When you’re ready to take action, ring us at Fairfax Chiropractic to arrange your first visit: (703) 279-2101.

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