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Nutritional Consultation $235

Nutritional Consultation

Dr. Elizabeth K. Murphree DC CCST Board qualified Acupuncture RMT consults using functional medicine to determine what is needed for health issues like chronic pain, cardiovascular improvements, and infertility considerations. She utilizes facts from double-blind peer reviewed studies for her whole food supplement recommendations. Acupuncture findings may play a role in the consultation for an added benefit of learning more about her patients’ needs. Homeopathics, Flower Essences, Whole Food supplements, and blood spot testing may all be a part of her nutritional consultation.

Many people use this consultation appointment to focus their attention on the health goals they hope to realize. Stressors in Northern Virginia can create disharmony and stressed states of mind regarding financial matters, children logistical problems and work travel requirements. Dr. Murphree can help you discover where you are going off track, how to put your health priorities in place again, or how to begin a weight loss solution. These private consultations are offered in her clinic. Consider scheduling your consultation today.

Fee: $235 for consultation w/client for 1 (one) hour.

Are you a good candidate for a nutritional consultation? Call our Fairfax office to arrange a time to discuss your health issue in person: (703) 279-2101.

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